Tuesday / June 26th / 2012 - 10:27AM


Audrey Gibson. June 22nd, 2012. Denver, CO.

DaveG says:

can you share the sharpening trick?

steph says:

Beautiful photograph! You are so amazing Sean! Love you work <3

David says:

Can I ask what camera/lens combo you’re using?? Your shots always seem so crisp?

seanhagwell says:


I was using a Nikon D700 + a 24-70 f/2.8. In terms of the ‘crisp’ part, it’s really a mix of the shutter speed/aperture and a post-production enhancement. Here’s the camera metadata:

f/14 | 1/160 | ISO400 | 0 ev

In post I do a small sharpening trick I picked up from a friend of mine. It’s extremely subtle but when you add it all up it gets the crisp look you’re talking about.

MONICA says:

So gorgeous!

Erica says:

the blue is soooooo pretty!

JACKIE says:

Wonderful image. I’m in LOVE with your editing!